[pict 1]. Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan | [pict 2]. Sika = Deers, Nara Koen - Nara Park
[pict 3]. Ueno Park, Tokyo


A portrait for Alam Kim, water color on paper, 21 x 30 cm

Please email me hello@designani.com if you would like one too! Feel free to tell me your preferred price and if it's suitable i'll make a portrait for you! - not include picture frame & shipping cost.  Details here

New cover book

Excited News!!! My ink drawing is the cover art for Lily Yulianti Farid's newest book, 'Ayahmu Bulan, Engkau Matahari', collection of short stories. You can find it at all Gramedia store in Indonesia or buy online here. 17 poetic short stories by Lily Yulianti Farid and 17 ink drawings by Me. Don't forget to share your photos if you buy the book, email me at bonjour.nani@gmail.com or tag me on facebook/ twitter :D
More pictures here

Lily Yulianti Book launched at Rumata Art Space, Makasar, September 2, 2012. There were a few Indonesian famous people on the party. Amazing singer: Faldi 'padi', Talented actress: Lola Amaria, Best director: Riri Riza and Superwoman: Mira Lesmana. (Photos by Lily via instagram

Ms Dressy Giveaway (CLOSED)

New look posted on Lookbook

Buy the Australian Icon iPhone Case here
The winner of Ms Dressy giveaway:
Congratulation!!! The Ms Dressy team will contact you shortly :D

The mysterious power of thought

 Posted new look on lookbook
 Outfits: flea market: Blue Raincoat ($1), Black Tshirt ($5), Floral Pants ($5), Vintage Sandal ($10)

Present for your family

Buying gifts for the whole family can be difficult, particularly if the age range is large. Certain gifts will go down better with younger people than older, and vice versa. 

Books or films are a good present for older family members. Most popular book and media stores make great offers around Christmas time, with 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deals being ubiquitous. You may also consider wine or cheese, which are especially popular around festive times. Most big supermarkets offer wide selections of wine, ranging from the cheap to the very expensive, as well as a wide variety of cheeses. It may be a good idea to find a specialist deli if you’re looking for cheeses that are harder to find. 

If you’re looking for presents for kids below the age of around 10, any sort of toy is usually a safe bet. Computer games are particularly popular with young boys, right into their teenage years. However, if you’re not buying them the console as well, make sure they have one before buying a game. Games can be bought from shops but are usually found cheaper when bought online with a credit card. If you don’t have one you can apply online to ensure you have one before your event. Also, some games are only appropriate for kids of a certain age, so make sure you check with the parents beforehand that it’s OK. Bicycles, rollerblades or skateboards may also be popular with younger members of the family. These are great gifts as they encourage physical activity and getting outdoors. However, it is worth checking beforehand that the kids aren’t injury prone, or have any specific ailments that prevent them from doing such activities. 

If you’re buying for teenagers this can be especially difficult. Most teenagers are very particular about what their interests are, mainly in terms of music and fashion. Unless you know them very well, it’s probably best to avoid buying CD’s or clothes and perhaps opt for gift vouchers instead. 

A good present that all the family can enjoy is a board game. These are generally quite cheap, and there are plenty of classic board games still available from high street stores. This is a good way to encourage the whole family to come together, and is more about the time spent with each other as opposed to the game itself. (via sp)

Studio Visit: Grace

► Studio visit by Grace, a photography student :D
► She brought me a cactus plant gift, what a lovely girl!!! I wish I get one of these every-time someone come to visit my studio. The beginnings of my little cactus collection!!! Sound fun and makes my studio prettier!
► New painting in progress. Daily updates here

Commission: Couple

    *. Commission for Alex & Michelle (lovely couple) : Love Will Hold Us Together,
        Other commissions here
    *. If you are interested in me creating a personal drawing for you, of your friends, animals or your
        loved ones, more details here 
    *. Please note the actual colours appear to be lighter (fluro/ neon pink) from computer monitor
        colour setting.

Installation: Reincarnation

Progress shot of my new installation
Reincarnation, 2012, neon tissue paper on board
More photos added on my website
Thanks to Emily, Chelsea and Cameron for inviting me to participate in the 1st Market Square.
and big support from Nicky and Nadine, they helped me make it though the night!

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