How To Get Longer Legs This Summer


High waistlines are back on the catwalk this summer. Echoing the styles of the 1950s and 60s, waistlines have crept up to accentuate curves, with skirts, shorts and even swimming costumes hitching up their waistlines to give the impression of longer legs and curvier waists. The high waist can give you that much sought after hourglass figure. It draws the eye up the legs and into the waist.

Perhaps the biggest player in the high waist renaissance is the high waisted short. These fashion favourites are perfect for almost any occasion. They look great as part of a casual day in the sun outfit but also work with a blouse on a night out. 

As with any short-short, the number one material is denim. When it comes to high waisted, you should try and go for dark washes if possible. Because these shorts have that retro feel, you need to keep it unified with a retro wash. Stone wash might work for the more 70s and 80s style hot-pants, but if you’re evoking this season’s 50’s vibe, then darker works much better. 

If denim isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other materials and patterns that work with high waisted shorts too. Polka dots and other vintage patterns look really good, again because they are in keeping with the style of the era. Think late 50s, early 60s swimwear and you’re there. 

So, what do you wear with high waisted skirts and shorts? The most important thing to remember is that you need to tuck in. The high waist is supposed to accentuate curves and if you’re covering them up with a long flowing top, then you’re missing massive style points. 

Tight T-shirts and blouses will always work well with a high waist. A looser blouse will also be ok, as long as it’s tucked in or tied. Belts and accessories on the shorts (like buttons and bows) also look good. A belt is a really nice way of dividing block colours too. 

Since the high waist makes your legs look longer, why not go the whole way and wear some heels for the super long leg look? This is the ultimate in summer 2012 glamour and suitable for almost any occasion, so even if you’re slumming it in the mud at a festival (and with this weather there’s a big chance that might happen), they also look great with wellies.

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