Inspiration: 40 Artists Studios part 1

My studio is actually half of my bedroom. The space is littered with canvases/ stuffs of projects I've been working on. I have been studio hunting since two weeks ago but I still couldn't find the perfect studio that suit my budget and the location is not too far from my house. I would love the opportunity to paint, draw, make sculpture and installation all squashed into one studio. I'm envious of these artist who has the most beautiful art studios.

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I'm Yee Von. said...

Francis Bacon's studio is absolutely amazing :D Looks like a typhoon just visited his place yet the artwork remains undisturbed, haha!

misstyzha said...

OMG Mbak Nani, those are nothing but supercool!! But still, beside Jade Gallum's and Charmaine Olivia's, I still vote for your room ;) Can't wait to see your new studio! Good luck! x

Mei めい said...

they have cool studios but I also love your studio(and room) :D
Hope you find a suitable one soon :)

Lauren said...

this is amazing! i love getting insight into an artists work space, so inspiring!! almost as if those spaces are a work of art in themselves! i currently work in a spare room, but i'm a renter so have to be very careful about the mess factor!! thanks for sharing :)

movetwo said...

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movetwo said...

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