Inspiration: 40 Skull Images

This has nothing to do with Halloween. It's no secret that I'm obsessed with skulls and skeletons since I was 15. Those objects are beautiful form of arts, fragile and the state of death and life. Could you imagine humans and animals without their skeletons? They're weak and lost, and hey, you won't able to do anything. Hmm, just a piece of meat with a face. I would love to be an anthropologist someday, traveling to Egypt and found new mummies. Who cares about the curses. I want to be able to touch the human bones from the past, learning about variety species of human (and animal) that lived million and million years ago. Let's see if I can predict my future. From artist to be an anthropologist? Why not :D

High-five to the guy who created pinterest, I can spend million hours staring and pinning all this image collection. Resources Links here | Follow my pinterest 

 My skull drawing series: Beauty is the result of an accident still in progress. 
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