Photo Essay: Ginza, Japan

Ginza, Japan
Ginza, JapanGinza, JapanGinza, JapanGinza, JapanGinza, Japan
I had shot over thousands photos on my recent travel to Japan. I need to spend some time sorting though and editing those bunch of pictures but I'll be sure to post them here for everyone to see. I snapped these photos with my Sony Alpha 300a in Ginza. The Ginza (銀座) is Tokyo's most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, night clubs and cafes. This place does not suit my lifestyle but there are lots of art galleries here. Photographed by Nani Puspasari.

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Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Beautiful! I hope I get a chance to visit Tokyo again too<3 In the mean time I'll enjoy your pictures though;)


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