Tips for illustrators

Tip for illustrators starting out in the industry by Eamo Donnelly via twitter

Tip #1 If a client approaches you with 'no budget' and the 'exposure' line, please say no.

Tip #2 Take time to let your own individual style grow. Start with your influences, then see where you can take it.

Tip #3 Diversity is the key to longevity. Don't focus on one niche, eg Editorial, apply your skill set to a broader scope of disciplines.

Tip #4 A good illustrator doesn't need the latest shiny tools, they should be able to create gold with bare essentials, first and foremost.

Tip #5 An sound understanding of colour theory, anatomy, form, light and shade and perspective is essential to good illustration.

Tip #6 Gather your influences not only from illustration, draw inspiration from design, architecture, photography, all creative disciplines

Tip #7 2012 is my 10th year as a professional working illustrator. 'It won't happen overnight, but it will happen' Rachel Hunter, 1992

Tip #8 Illustration is like the human body, it needs fuel, but equally important is rest. Don't be afraid to take time away from it.

Tip #9 If you start to hate what you do, take some time away from it and watch your passion grow again.

Tip #10 You don't have to accept every job that comes your way, it's ok to say no.

Tip #11 Always ask for more money. Usually you will get more, if not there is no harm in asking. You are always worth more than the budget.

Tip #12 Always fight for a credit line and ask for comp copies of your printed work. Archiving is important for self reference.

Tip #13 If you hate what you submit for final art, lose sleep over looking bad, miss the deadline, the project might end up winning awards

Tip #14 You don't need rented studio space to create great work, my best work was done in a dingy corner of a one bedroom flat for 3 years .

Tip #15 If you are an illustrator and you can afford rented studio space illustrating without a supplement income, you are rare. I can't. 

Tip #16 Never sign over full rights to a work, only ‘usage’ rights e.g. six month editorial, print / online, the territory e.g. North America. 

Tip #17 The world will either love or hate what you do, let the hate drive you, hate is better than indifference. Love is a bonus. 

Tip #18 Last tip refers to my ‘Australiana’ imagery. Lots of laughs and cringing from majority, small percent of love made it all worth it. 

Tip #19 Blur the lines between all creative disciplines – exhibit in group shows, do tee’s, print work, ad campaigns, no typecasting. 

Tip #20 It’s one thing to be able to draw well, it’s another thing to have the ability to evoke emotion, and convey ideas. I can draw well.

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