Yellow & Black

(1) New look psted on Lookbook
(2) My painting needs a new home, email me - (price)
     Acrylic and thread on canvas, 102 x 76 cm
(3)(4) purchase from ROMWE, my favourite online shop
(5) Vintage tin from Holand

DIY: Rainbow M&M Cake

The first cake I ever made, for my housemates birthday.
You can view the original recipe of Rainbow Cake via Omnomicon.

Studio Talk

(1)(2) New Drawing: Beauty is the result of an accident
(3) Clean desk
(4) Color Test: Winsor & Newton Contman Water-colours, the half pan studio set, 45
(5) Glow in the dark paints, bought in Sekaido, Shinjuku, Japan
(6) Drawing: Place

Proof Prints

*. Proof Prints: Cover art by me
*. Original drawing here
*. a Novel by Lily Yulianti Faridwill be published soon by Gramedia Publisher

Inspiration: 40 Artists Studios part 1

My studio is actually half of my bedroom. The space is littered with canvases/ stuffs of projects I've been working on. I have been studio hunting since two weeks ago but I still couldn't find the perfect studio that suit my budget and the location is not too far from my house. I would love the opportunity to paint, draw, make sculpture and installation all squashed into one studio. I'm envious of these artist who has the most beautiful art studios.

Drawing: Komachi Dori Street, Japan

Nani Puspasari, 'Komachi Dori Street, Kamakura, Japan', colored pencils on paper, 21 x 30 cm

New Drawing

Barbie doesn't live here anymore, 2012, watercolor

Something that I shan't finish, 2012, watercolor
Keep searching for an answer, 2012, watercolor

Neko Cafe, Nara

Neko (The Cat) Cafes is very popular in Japan. There's about 100 neko cafes can be found in Japan according to the nekocafe mapThe first cat cafe opened in Osaka in 2004. The concept is you paying money to hang out with cats ($10-15/hour) and you can ordering some drinks/snacks. I visited one in Nara, surprisingly they told us that they were fully booked. Recently, this neko cafe appeared on national television and they gets bombarded with visitors. My japanese friend told them that I'm a tourist, bla bla… and yay!!! the staff allowed us to sneak inside of the cafe. There are 19 cats residing at the cafe, they're everywhere; on the table, sleeps on the roof, two cats are scratching the furniture. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. I played with them for a while, I had so much fun! Awesome concept!! Photography by Nani P via instagram.

The Happy Mouth Experience via instagram


    ► New water-color set, bought on ebay
    ► My facebook page reached 8000 liked. Thanks everyone!! 
    ► I'll be giving away original arts in the end of this month! Stay tuned.
    ► New design work uploaded on my website

How To Get Longer Legs This Summer


High waistlines are back on the catwalk this summer. Echoing the styles of the 1950s and 60s, waistlines have crept up to accentuate curves, with skirts, shorts and even swimming costumes hitching up their waistlines to give the impression of longer legs and curvier waists. The high waist can give you that much sought after hourglass figure. It draws the eye up the legs and into the waist.

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